Why We Should Only Have Merit-Based Scholarships

Because I’m a college student, I think a lot about scholarships. There are lots of specific scholarships out there that don’t apply to me, and universities seem to give out more to women or minorities (i.e. Blacks, Asians, Native Americans, etc.), yet there are none, and I’m sure it would be considered racist, to have scholarships for people who are white. Of course, if someone is from a minority group and is smart, then by all means, they earned the scholarship. For example, I have a high school friend who is full-blooded Navajo and is very good at math…we were in honors classes together for years. For someone like that, I don’t mind giving them scholarships. But if you’re giving scholarships based off race or ethnicity, have these people necessarily earned them? Sometimes, but maybe not all the time. Because universities seem to use scholarships like this to “increase diversity”, I’m sure that my brother, who is every bit as white as I am, will likely receive less scholarships than I did…and I know it’s not because he’s not smart. For me, I would think that universities would want the best minds to come to their campuses to learn, but I don’t think the way they’ve been handing out scholarships does that, especially at the best universities (which I might add tend to be notoriously liberal). Something that comes to mind is that if I remember correctly, the valedictorian of my high school class who got into places like Brown and other prestigious schools ended up going to the same university I did because those elite universities of our country didn’t offer him many scholarships. I almost wonder if he would have gotten more scholarships if he had been a women or not white instead.

Another thing that comes to mind is that, as with a lot of things liberals do, their methods seem to be run rampant with hypocrisy. They claim to want to be not racist and want to be color blind, yet they seem to me to be excluding certain groups of people anyways.

My solution, of course, would be to discontinue scholarships based on these physical characteristics and have all scholarships be given out based more on merit (and perhaps financial need, but that’s subject for another post)…that way, we focus on demonstrated abilities. If people earn their scholarships, it’s a lot fairer. Of course, when I’ve mentioned this subject to other people, particularly liberals, some bring up the point that solely merit-based would exclude and disadvantage people who come from terrible school districts (i.e. inner city schools like in Chicago that have lots of minorities). They claim that students from these school districts, even if they are pretty smart,  would not have had the quality education that would allow them to qualify for these scholarships. However, I don’t think that you should necessarily use scholarships to correct that. That wouldn’t be getting to the root of those problems which include sub-par teachers and mismanagement of funds, so if you really want to help students from those school and improve their chances at being able to attend university, you would improve their schooling.

In the end though, I’m just super grateful that in spite of all these shenanigans with college that my parents are able to find ways to meet the difference not covered by my own scholarships. I’m not sure how I would stand with college funding otherwise.

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