What a load of crap…

So, I was surfing Facebook and found that C-Span had some historians do a survey on the best presidents. I read the list, and I thought it was crap. Obama was ranked 12th; Bill Clinton was 15th. Jimmy Carter even was in the first half. I thought Jefferson and Reagan, though in the top ten, should have been higher. At the very least, in my opinion, Reagan and those on Rushmore should be in the top five or six. What kills me, honestly, is that most of the historians polled were probably liberally biased. However, at least I could get a good laugh out of the article because the survey advisors thought Obama would have ranked higher…which makes me wonder if they were here in America for the last few years of the nonsense of his presidency. At least, Lincoln and Washington were rightfully atop the list. I don’t remember enough about some of the more forgettable presidents, but in totality, it is my opinion that this list is a load of crap.

Here’s the article about the list:


Here’s the list:



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