Liberals that Impress: Dave Rubin

So I was searching through the NZ Conservative Coalition’s posts and found this Fox News video from the fairly new Tucker Carlson Tonight of an interview between Tucker Carlson (a news anchor and host of the show…I really want to see this show, but haven’t had the chance) and liberal talk show host Dave Rubin. While I do not agree with Dave Rubin on issues such as gay marriage, abortion, and other things, I had to agree with him on classical liberalism (which is the just about the opposite of modern liberalism…more on that later) and the left’s hypocrisy about how they treat “traitors” to the party. He made a solid argument which impressed me. Therefore, I must say he’s a liberal that impresses me. It is refreshing to hear that not all liberals are close-minded.

Anyways, thanks to the NZ Conservative Coalition for finding this, and enjoy the video!


One thought on “Liberals that Impress: Dave Rubin

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