I don’t think the left knows what a hate crime really is.

I found the following article about fake hate crimes on the NZ Conservative Coalition blog. It is an interesting piece about the connection between fake hate crimes and the culture of victimhood that’s been perpetrated. It made me think of how after the election, students wrote hateful things, threats, and other terrible things with chalk on the sidewalks of my university. It was revolting to see that an ideology that claims to speak out against hate-filled responses does exactly what they claim to be against. After reading this article, I searched my university’s online newspaper and saw that there was only one article (a letter to the editor, I believe) about all the hateful vandalism, and it was a liberal slanted piece. Naturally, I had to ask myself the rhetorical question of why so-called hate crimes against liberal interest groups get reported yet this hateful graffiti against Trump and conservatives isn’t really reported or dealt with. Honestly, I just wish (perhaps in vain) that the liberals would stop with these childish temper tantrums and hypocrisy and act like adults.

Anyways, enjoy this article! Thanks again to the NZ Conservative Coalition on finding this interesting article!

Who are Faking Hate Crimes and why?


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