Hypocrisy about Religious Criticism

Question: How come leftists can criticize Christianity, but I can’t criticize Islam?

(Short) Answer: Hypocrisy


8 thoughts on “Hypocrisy about Religious Criticism

  1. Religion is about learning and making up your own mind about things. Criticize a religion isn’t very constructive. That kind of judging is just a waste of energy.Once you’ve learned, you know. That’s what’s important. And no, I’m not even American, but well educated theologian. 🙂


    • First off, thank you for your comment and your opinion. I will respect that you have a right to that.

      As an American who appreciates the freedoms I’m allowed, I recognize that everyone here has a right to their own religion (even though, in my case, I follow Catholicism and believe that is the right one). My issue however with the media and leftists in general is that I would very likely to be called a bigot if I say anything negative, in this case, about Islam (say, about how I don’t like that Sharia law treats women as inferior to men)…but they can get away with saying similar things about Christianity. For example, I remember reading somewhere that someone once made a comic critical of the Muslim prophet Mohammed, but there was an uproar about it and the media basically implied that the creator shouldn’t have done that. However, there was a statue of the Virgin Mary that was covered in dung for an art exhibition, yet that is allowed and even applauded as art, and if I said I didn’t like that and said something, a firestorm would be brought down upon me. In the end, for both religion and other topics, what I’m trying to communicate is that in America, we have an explicit freedom of speech that should allow people to express their opinions freely without people trying to shut them up and call them bigoted. People need to learn to agree to disagree, and if someone has an opinion you don’t like, politely disagree, and respect their opinion, no matter what. Otherwise, you’re infringing on constitutional rights.


  2. Thanks for responding. As for Shariah, it’s implemented in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and a few more countries. Non of them are fully democratic. Sharia can’t be implemented in a western democracy. So I wonder what all the fear is about. It’s not necessary.
    About the Muhammed and depicting. The Muslims don’t want the messenger being confused with God – the one and only, as they say. To them it’s very important. I don’t know but maybe it’s the same for Jews. They don’t have any pictures either.
    But, I must ask, are the left qualified to speak for Islam?
    I’m Swedish, but interested in whats going on in the world 🙂


    • You’re welcome.

      Well, Sharia is not supposed to have any place in Western societies because it contradicts laws…I’m not sure about other countries, but I know it does in America. In fact, there are places in America where parts of it have been implemented…I believe Dearborn, Michigan is an example. Thing is, this violates America’s separation of church and state by allowing such contradictory laws to exist within our borders. It’s not to say that laws cannot be inspired by religion as many of America’s first laws were, but our laws came before Islam ever reached America; therefore, even without you taking human rights violations into consideration, American law trumps Sharia law in America. It’s oppressive.

      In America, at least where I went to school, we were required to learn about world religions, Islam being one of them. I assure you that it is highly unlikely anyone would confuse Muhammed with God, nor would many of us want to because a majority of Americans are Christian, and to do so would break one of the Ten Commandments. Bear in mind, this was just an example. I just want people to properly use freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Those are rights of all Americans, and no one, not even the government, has a right to infringe upon them.

      I can at least speak that the American left to me seems not be qualified to speak for Islam. The left says they claim to be for certain things and praise Islam, but Islam often doesn’t support what they say they support. In the end, I believe the left tends to be hypocritical.


      • Interesting. But I must ask, do you have a link or something about Dearborn and Shariah? I mean, Shariah isn’t a bunch of written laws to implement. It’s about scholars ruling according to medieval criteria. Well, it varies depending on the scholars interpretations.


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