Let’s get our priorities straight.

Here’s probably what our priority list should be (and hasn’t been for the past eight years) on helping people within our country:

  1. Legal American citizens- Most of these guys pay taxes to fund the government, and therefore should get first dibs to what the government provides.
  2. Legal immigrants/ Nationals/ Permanent Residents- These guys usually come here the right way, and if they have residence and work here, pay taxes, I think. These guys are often within a few steps of the level of an American citizen.
  3. (Actual) Refugees- Actual refugees are people who ask and truly need our help. I have no problem helping people out as long as they respect our country (i.e. follow the laws, no implementing of foreign laws, no crimes, etc.)and its laws…since they are our guests…no matter whether or not they will be here permanently. That seems to be a fair thing to ask in return for help and shelter we’ve given them.
  4. Illegal Immigrants and Terrorists- I know that not all illegal immigrants have committed crimes (besides being here illegally), but coming here illegally is a crime and therefore makes that person a criminal in the eyes of the American government. Terrorists, being that terrorism is a crime, are also criminals. Being that they are criminals and or are not here legally, and often don’t pay taxes, are entitled to no help from the U.S. government.

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