We are a nation of legal immigrants.

Just a clarification that the liberals seem to forget: I do concur that America is a nation of immigrants…but not just any immigrants. Up until recently, we are nation of legal immigrants. My forefathers came here the hard way…coming here during colonial times or emigrating here after going through application processes. Pretty much all of my immigrant forefathers came from countries in Europe, so they didn’t have the luxury of hopping the border, and like many people’s ancestors, weren’t even very wealthy when they came (if I remember my own family history correctly). For my ancestors who came after colonial times, America said that they were fit to come here. Why can’t we keep this standard? It’s perfectly reasonable for any country to want anyone who best fits their standards to come to their country. All we ask is that you come here through the proper processes and love our country. Is that too hard to ask?


2 thoughts on “We are a nation of legal immigrants.

  1. Well said, people came to work hard and to build a life. Here in the UK there is a separate but parallel experience with refugees certainly from the Second World War and then the Soviet invasion of Hungary in the 1950s. Refugees fled Nazi Germany to escape, to fight, to return. Many from Poland for example fought in the RAF, they didn’t come expecting handouts or freebies, they came to contribute to the max.


    • Good to hear from like-minded individuals from other parts of the world! You bring up very interesting information they don’t teach in history classes here that touch upon World War II! It’s the way it should be. As I believe I mention in another post, doing stuff like fighting for the country that takes you in is an exchange for the help they’ve given you.

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by and for the food for thought!

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