You know your university is a liberal cesspool when they rename a residential college because its namesake supported slavery.

So, I was reading through the trending news on Facebook, and I came across an article about how Yale is renaming their Calhoun (after famed U.S. Senator John C. Calhoun) College as Grace Hopper College because they did not like that he was a supporter of slavery. While I believe that slavery was wrong, I do not believe this is a great course of action. People need to remember that the 19th century was a different time and much more agrarian. Calhoun was from the South, and it is only natural that he would have been for slavery. It doesn’t make it right, but people don’t seem to get that even back then, near the Civil War, slavery was a bit more acceptable even though forces had been at work to discard the institution. People are imperfect, no matter who you are, and they do have their bright parts. If you look into Calhoun’s history, he was a proponent of states’ rights, limited government, and low tariffs…so not necessarily all his positions were bad (well, maybe, to a liberal, but sometimes they are too stubborn headed to see that). Anyways, part of the article I read talked about people (particularly blacks) protesting and how some even vandalized parts of the college that had references to slavery. First off, smashing windows and other things is essentially vandalism, which is criminal. Second, if black students were concerned about Yale’s association with slavery, why do they even go there? I don’t see them deterred. However, above all, the thing that comes to mind is, how are we supposed to learn from past mistakes if we are trying push down the past? If we hide the past and try to ignore troublesome parts, how are we supposed to know what went wrong? For that reason, he who fails history, is doomed to repeat it. As I see it, that’s exactly what the liberals are doing.

Here’s the article in case you want to read it. Enjoy!


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