You know your university is a liberal cesspool when the majority of the graffiti in the bathrooms is leftist propaganda.

So, I was going to the bathroom between one of my classes, and when I walked into a stall, I was bewildered to find it full of graffiti. Naturally, being at a liberal school full of liberals who despise our currentĀ administration, a majority of the graffiti was liberal (not all…there were a few conservative bits of graffiti but not many). First off, I don’t care who wrote it…conservative or liberal…graffiti like this is a form of vandalism, which is a crime. I go to a public university, so this essentially is defacing public property, in part funded by our parents’ tax dollars (and also our parents’ money). Thus, no matter what side the people were on who wrote the graffiti, this is wrong. Also, who really wants to go to the bathroom in a stall such as that? I know it makes me feel as if I’m in some crime-riddled area or something. But what it comes down to is that this is immature. We’re all over eighteen pretty much and therefore are adults here, so I thought we were better than that (though, considering things some liberals do, part of me isn’t surprised).


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