Does anyone pay attention to treatment of religious minorities in the Middle East?

So, we’ve all heard about the Left pushing for the intake of Muslim refugees and then about them advocating we be blind to religion when taking in refugees. Naturally, because I’m a Christian, I ask, “what about non-Muslim minorities in those countries?”. As evidenced by the fact that in parts of the Koran, it advocates violence towards non-Muslims if they don’t convert (and I suppose, also, the disregard for other religions of some other Muslims around the world), and ISIS has followed through on this with its brutal treatment of non-Muslims. I’m all for helping others as long as we can ensure they won’t hurt our country, but it seems like common sense to me that you deal with those most at risk first. In that light, non-Muslim minorities such as Christians and Yazidis would be more likely to be targeted for violence and harassment by ISIS than their fellow Muslims…even if those Muslims are not as radical as ISIS. With that reason, I see that Trump allowing these minorities priority as refugees as reasonable.

Anyways, I could talk about the treatment of non-Muslim minorities all day, but I found an article the other day on Facebook detailing an Iraqi archbishop’s response about U.S. protests about refugees. Enjoy!


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