Since when did conservatives all become “alt-right”?

For a while now, I’ve been seeing things about how conservatives have become “alt-right” all over the media…from my university’s newspaper to Facebook to the news. I, of course, was baffled and reject this notion. Just because we take positions that are to the left of liberal positions does not make conservatives “alt-right”. Sure, in our society, there are people who take conservative positions to the extreme, but that is not every conservative, just like not every liberal necessarily subscribes to the far-left ideas of socialism, communism, and fascism. Most of us conservatives, myself included (as my liberal friends who know I’m a conservative know), are quite reasonable if you respect our right to our opinion…essentially, we won’t exactly yell at you and scream that because you believe something that you’re stupid, intolerant, a bigot, etc. We will respectfully disagree. However, above all, what baffles me most is that liberals claim that it is wrong to assume things and force people into boxed categories if they don’t belong there (as we know from everything with non-straight people) yet they assume things about conservatives…they all seem to think that we are all right-wing extremists…which as I’ve iterated many times, is not all true. So, clearly, they’re being hypocritical again. That, and liberal constituents are blinding repeating what the politicians say without thinking about it.


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