Just Because You are Funded by the Government Does Not Put You Above the Law

So, in my lecture for my speech class today, we were talking about this thing called a “rhetorical situation”. As practice during the lecture, my professor brought up the idea of “sanctuary campuses”, which are basically sanctuary cities but with college campuses. As I watched that part of the lecture, the following thought came to me: Public universities (such as mine) are funded in part by the state government…therefore, in technicality, they are a part of the government, in a sense. In any case, they are also within certain states and therefore are subject to whatever laws the state (and also the federal government). Therefore, in a state, such as mine, were sanctuary cities are illegal, if a college campus decided to become a “sanctuary campus”, then they would be breaking the law. Additionally, to be here as an illegal immigrant is illegal…it’s in the word, and sanctuary cities violate federal law and does not allow federal law enforcement to enforce our laws. In essence, we need to remember that America is a federal republic and federal law trumps state law, and state law trumps municipal or campus law. In the end, what it comes down to (and many liberals seem to be ignorant of this) is that when you are under a government, no one, not even entities of the government, are above the law, and therefore must follow the law.


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