You know your university is a liberal cesspool when they have a themed semester about diversity, difference, and “otherness”.

So, my university has this thing called a “themester” which is basically just a themed semester in which there are special classes offered on things within the theme. For example, last semester, I believe, was about beauty. This semester is about “diversity, difference, and ‘otherness'”. Naturally, of course, I decided to look into what courses fell into this theme. Some did look interesting, but a lot of them were about topics that I’m sure would have a liberal bias from professors. Honestly, though I know that diversity has its benefits, I just wish educational institutions would stop shoving it down our throats when they focus solely on minorities and don’t acknowledge the good things whites also bring to the table. It just seems that many liberals want diversity of skin color only if you aren’t white, diversity in religion only if you’re not Christian, diversity of opinion only if you’re not conservative, etc. When will it ever be okay for people like us, fellow conservatives, to be who we are (just like liberals hypocritically claim) without being excluded from liberals trying to drown us out?



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