You know your university is a liberal cesspool when students agree that Fox News is a right-wing news source.

So, today, in my speech class, we talked about source credibility and bias. My instructor asked us what were some left-wing sources. Of course, there are many answers to that as most of the news media is left-wing…including but not limited to the New York Times, Al Jazeera, and the Huffington Post. There was silence in class before I, knowing that saying the New York Times or Al  Jazeera probably wouldn’t go over well in a likely liberal majority class, said the Huffington Post, which thankfully my instructor agreed. Then, my instructor asked for an example of a right-wing source. Again, there was silence, but I figured that eventually someone would make the suggestion of Fox News, which did happen. That people would suggest that suggests ignorance on their part. Fox News has news anchors and show hosts with a variety of political philosophies…if you don’t believe me, watch an episode of The Five (a personal favorite news show of mine) to get a glimpse into this. With that evidence, I would argue that Fox News is more centrist than right-wing…which does make it to the right of much of the news media…but like I said, not necessarily right-wing. But if you really want to name a right-wing news source, there are much better answers than Fox News. You could have said Rush Limbaugh or any of a number of conservative radio shows or other media. I guess it just goes to show that, at least in my generation, people aren’t challenging what they heard and need to be educated about the truth.


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