You know your university is a liberal cesspool when one of your professors disables a feature for seeing your total grade because of fragile little snowflakes.

So, after my speech class today, I went to talk to my instructor about why I couldn’t see my total grade on Canvas (for those of you who don’t know, Canvas is this website that lots of educational institutions use post grades, send information, take quizzes, and other things). When I asked my question, she told me that it was disabled because some students become upset when they do well on certain parts of class but not as well on their speeches and their grade starts to slip. Though I can certainly understand nervousness and frustration if this happens, I, of course, thought this was stupid and crazy…the instructors and professors of this class are treating these people like fragile little snowflakes. First, for those of you who have never used this site before, the grades page is not the default home page, so if you really want to avoid your grade, you don’t have to click on the grade tab. Second, if you see that you’re not doing well, this should motivate you to do something about raising your grade…at least, that’s what I would hope would happen. Last, I don’t think that the instructors and professors realize that though seeing poor grades might upset people, I would think that when the end of the semester comes up, those people would only freak out even more because there would be pretty much nothing they can do.

I only ask one more question: When will people ever grow up? We’re past that age of majority, for the love of God.


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