You know your university is a liberal cesspool when both the president and the provost issue statements against Trump’s executive orders.

Recently, I have posted a few things about Trump’s immigration executive orders, and I have clearly stated that I believe that though they are affecting good people who want to be in this country for the right reasons, they are the best thing for everyone because of the state of the world and what’s happened in the past. Being that my university (sadly, like so many other universities and educational institutions) is a liberal cesspool, I always knew there would be outcry against these orders…now, it’s been confirmed. Within the past few days, both the president and provost of my university have issued statements against the executive orders, declaring them unethical. They don’t seem to realize that the Middle East and countries south of our border have been exploiting our lack of border security and have been causing major problems for our country. I know that there are people from both of those regions who are good people and don’t want to cause harm to America, but are liberals really that blind as to jump in outrage at these orders? I’m afraid that the answer is yes.


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