You know your university is a liberal cesspool when students assume that everyone in the group holds the same opinions about racial profiling.

Yesterday, I was in my speech class, and we had to do an activity where we talked about controversial topics in a group. My partner and I had to research carbon offsets, but another pair had racial profiling. Both, in their discourse (which I didn’t find that impressive on lack of hard facts), indicated that to be against racial profiling was the so-called good position. Though I said nothing because of the situation, I thought, “who are they to allege that there’s is the ‘good’ view…and assume that everyone there has the same view?” I mean, sure, you are entitled to your opinion, but it was not a part of the assignment. At least, it was my understanding that you were to research your side of it and present the information unbiasedly. It makes me want to shake my head. Whatever happened to not assuming things, this doctrine that liberals praise and wave in front of us?


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