How to Make Diversity a Good Thing (Unlike What Liberals are Doing)

Liberals everywhere claim that we must always be striving for diversity. They are always quoting that there is beauty and strength in diversity. I do agree. We wouldn’t want to be all the same, and the stronger a society is, the better they can resist negative aspects trying to erode at its foundations. However, there is no strength in diversity when one group is trying to kill, demean, or otherwise suppress another group that contributes to that diversity…which is exactly what I see liberals have been trying to do to those of us conservatives. You would have thought that we would have learned that by now, but the liberals are using new tricks to repeat our mistakes and elevate minority groups above equality into superiority. Believe me, I and most of my fellow conservatives have no problem treating minorities equally, especially if they are legal immigrants or citizens of this country. However, liberals need to learn two things: One, you must include all groups to achieve true diversity, or else you are just marginalizing people…no matter whether or not the group is a majority or minority. Second, it is the beauty and genius of America that many different kinds of people can truly coexist in one land in freedom (or at least, that’s how our Founding Fathers intended it to be), but in the end, we must remember that no matter our backgrounds and ethnicities, in the end, we are all Americans who live in arguably the greatest country ever founded. No matter whether you were born here or came here and embraced our way of life, we Americans are blessed to live in this free country where you can freely make yourself the way you want to be.


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