Random Thoughts on the Legal Drinking Age

The government tries to regulate many things about our lives…including when people are legally allowed to drink. A few weeks ago, my dad and I were discussing this, and I came to the conclusion that if you even have a legal drinking age, it should be eighteen or under (like it was when my parents were in college) that way kids are more likely in a safer place when they are taking their first sips. They will likely be within reasonable reach of their parents in case things go awry. It makes it safer to find what your limits are than if you are at college when you have your first sip and your friends are pressuring to do stupid things with alcohol (there’s certainly plenty of that; I’ve heard about my fair share). Now, of course, I’m sure this won’t stop all the stupid stuff, but in theory, it would decrease it. Besides, who is the government to decide when someone is ready or mature enough to do such a thing?


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