Liberals that Impress: Joe Lieberman

So, I was going through my newsfeed on Facebook and found an article about Joe Lieberman and how he supported Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education. Now, I knew he had at one point been a Democrat and tends to side with them on certain issues, but I was impressed that someone with liberal tendencies in our government would come out for a Republican or conservative cabinet nominee. Stuff like this warms my heart and makes me think that all hope is not lost.

That prompted me to look up his political positions and talk with my dad about him (since I don’t remember much about him). While I don’t agree with him on some things (i.e. abortion, stuff to do with non-straight people, endorsing HRC), I found that I could agree with him on foreign policy (i.e. supporting Israel) which is a good plus. From what I learned from my search and my talk with my dad, he seems like one of those few liberals that I can be okay with and that if I lived in Connecticut, I’d consider voting for if there wasn’t a suitable conservative candidate.

Anyways, if there’s non-conservatives who do something good for us conservatives, I don’t mind giving them a small bit of praise. Sometimes, it seems that there aren’t a lot of people who have our common sense, so I like to be surprised. Again, my props to Joe Lieberman for doing a favor for conservatives. It’s good to hear that there are liberals who aren’t quite so brain-muddled that they have absolutely no common sense.


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