When people say they say they use they/them pronouns, it confuses me.

Anybody who knows me in real life knows that I’m actually pretty good at English grammar (thanks to my many years of free writing), so when someone who isn’t straight mentions that they use they/them pronouns, I always cringe. No, it’s not because I have a phobia of these types of people (even though I disagree with them). It’s because in English, “they” and “them” are supposed to be plural pronouns, so it seems very awkward to me when you are referring to one person with a plural pronoun…it makes no grammatical sense to me. Non-straight people claim that they use “they” and “them” because it’s “gender-neutral”; however, I think that if you have to have a gender neutral pronoun, you shouldn’t use “they” or “them” to avoid confusion and that people should settle on some standardized singular “gender-neutral pronoun” for people (since there seem to be too many that have been made up to keep track of). I do see an application of such an exercise for situations where you don’t know whether someone is male or female (as though “it” is singular, it is not a pronoun we normally use to refer to people) and because as a writer, I find it tedious and too drawn out when you’re required to write “he or she”. But in the end, I just wish that these liberal groups would stop trying to make things confusing for everyone else.


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