Don’t bring a knife (or just your fists) to a gun fight.

So, you guys have probably heard on the news about how there was an active shooter in the Ft. Lauderdale who opened fire in one of the terminals and killed at least five and hospitalized eight. My prayers go out to those affected. It is terrible that someone would think about doing that to innocent people.

Anyways, liberals think it’s a chance to advance their gun control agenda so that they can radically and rapidly disarm Americans such that they’re completely defenseless. They will have you think that anywhere guns appear, so does violence.

But before you start agreeing with them, wait a minute. That’s absolutely not true. As is probably common knowledge, there are cities like Chicago that have some of the strictest gun control laws that have high crime rates (especially homicides). However, in nearby Indiana, they have some of the loosest gun restrictions around…yet they do not have that many homicides or gun related crime (except maybe in Gary, Indiana, and that’s a bit of anomaly as it is also run by a Democratic machine like the rest of its county). In these cities, it usually isn’t the law-abiding gun owners who commit homicides…it’s usually tied in with gang warfare and related things.¬†Liberals will still tell you that we need gun control to keep guns out of their criminal hands, but common sense will tell you that a criminal will usually not have too many qualms about going to the blackmarket to get the weapon he desires. The Prohibition of the 1920’s should have taught us that when there’s demand for something illegal, people will take up the business opportunity.

Back to the incident in Ft. Lauderdale, though… Now, I’m not sure I would ever use my Second Amendment rights in an airport, but to me, though it seems to make sense in light of all the terrorist attacks at first glance to restrict carrying weapons in an airport, it doesn’t make sense for one simple reason: putting restrictions on even law-abiding citizens from carrying guns in airports makes people unable to defend themselves and easier targets for terrorists and other would-be murders. As the post title says, don’t bring a knife to a gun fight, or you’re just asking to end up in a hospital or worse.



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