There’s no such thing as white privilege (at least not as much anymore).

These days, it seems that everything liberals complain about is white privilege. Those of us whites apparently have every advantage, and all nonwhites are oppressed with whites throwing everything in their way. Because we conservatives tend not to support any form of affirmative action, we tend to get called racists for not wanting to correct our past “sins”. However, though I do concur that whites did oppress nonwhites (in America’s case, the blacks that where enslaved before the Civil War), I would like to point out two things: 1. Americans were certainly not the first to enslave and oppress people…people of all colors and flavors enslaved people from the Chinese to the Romans to the Egyptians to the Arabs to the Ghanians, etc. 2. Liberals don’t like to mention this, but many of the policies of Democratic Party oppressed nonwhites (such as FDR’s New Deal restrictions).

In this day and age, though forms of slavery still exist in some countries, we certainly have made strides in America and around the world in abolishing slavery…there is no denying that. However, I see us Americans tipping past the equilibrium of equality towards almost oppression for whites. You see, how I see it is that to achieve true equality, those who were oppressed must be treated the same as their oppressors. To treat the former oppressed better than their former oppressors (especially if the former oppressors treated the oppressed badly) is just reversing the roles…something I think can be called reverse racism or reverse discrimination.

Unfortunately, though it may seem benign, this reverse racism/discrimination is what I believe is happening in America right now. Nonwhites are given so many privileges. For example, there’s scholarships for blacks and Asians and Native Americans and Hispanics and yadda yadda yadda. (In terms of scholarships, if I’m completely honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the amount of scholarships I got was somehow influenced by my race…I also wouldn’t be surprised if my younger brother got even less scholarship money when he goes to college since he is a white male.) There are affirmative action quotas that require companies to hire certain numbers of so-called minorities regardless of qualifications. The list goes on. However, I’m sure that if I asked if whites such as myself could get in on any of this, I would be called a racist.

At this point, it is not to say that there aren’t any smart or worthy nonwhites, but all I ask is that we stop this elevation of nonwhites above the level of whites so that we are finally all treated fairly because if we don’t, this cycle of oppression, resistance, and outrage with this will go on throughout history. Besides, I believe that most of us can agree that you should not punish someone for their father’s crime, so following that logic, you should not mistreat whites for the crimes of their ancestors (if their ancestors even participated in the oppression and they don’t today)…it would just be wrong.


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