Why We Have the Electoral College

I know that the electoral college confirmed Donald Trump as our next president more than a week ago, but in case anyone wonders why we have it or has doubts about it, watch the following video. It was sent to me a few weeks ago and made it clear that this part of our government was a good idea. In short, it makes sure that those of us who live in a smaller states like I do have our say by forcing candidates to not just focus on the most populated regions of our country (i.e. New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc.). I assure you that this idea is not obsolete. All I can say is that upon watching this video, I realized what geniuses our Founding Fathers were, and I hope you do, too.


4 thoughts on “Why We Have the Electoral College

  1. We thank the founders and framers for giving us the electoral college! Without it, Clinton would have had the opportunity to destroy what is left of our republic.


    • First, thank you for visiting my blog.

      I agree. I live in a smaller state, so without the electoral college, candidates might not pay as much attention to my state.

      Also, in response to your comment to your email to avoid revealing my actual name (I write under a pseudonym, which is in the About page, because I don’t trust my university to respect my opinion), thank you for the tips as this blog is only a few months old. I do not believe I have a widget, but I do know that at least, when the page is loaded, there is a floating thing that allows you to follow my blog. I can add it if it would make it easier for people who want to follow my blog to follow it. Also, I’ve never been sure how to write tags, but I do like the tip about formatting the tags a bit better with spaces…it’d be better for the highly grammatical part of my brain. 🙂

      Again, thanks for visiting and for the tips.

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