Thank God for the 22nd Amendment…

I think most of us conservatives knew this before now, but it’s only confirmed: Obama is arrogant. Yes, I said arrogant. Why is that? Well, some of you may be familiar with the fact that during a recent interview, Obama asserted that if he had been allowed to run against Trump he would have won. For the last several months, he has made jokes about it, and even at one point, in a speech in Africa, he mentioned (some who defend him say jokingly) that he did not understand this law. I, of course, seriously doubt that he would have won considering the media’s botching of their election predictions, but the very comments also make me doubt that our illustrious current president understands why we have term limits for the presidency in the first place.

The whole idea of the term limit in the U.S. dates back to the founding of our country…the our first president, George Washington. Washington, as you may remember from high school history class, served two terms. When his second term finished, there were many who wanted him to run again and some who even wanted him as king, but in what I consider a wise maneuver, Washington refused. He stepped away and then lived the rest of his life at his home, Mount Vernon. For a long time, this was the precedent, and no president chose to run for more than two terms. If you consider previous attempts at democracies and republics, leaders freely choosing to step down after certain amounts of time without laws restricting them was a pretty radical idea.

But then, during the Great Depression, came the liberals’ cherished hero, FDR. He broke the precedent and ran for not only three terms but for four! Of course, FDR died early in his fourth term, so who knows whether he would have tried to run more. All I seem to understand is that FDR seemed to think that the country needed him so much that he was above this precedent set by our first president. Though liberals seem to think that he was so great with dealing with the Great Depression, I disagree. Not only did some of his programs tend to be racist (perhaps subject of a later post), but it wasn’t until World War II happened and demand for war goods brought industrial jobs to many Americans that we truly began to recover.

Anyways, once FDR died, Republicans finally regained congressional majorities. They were not very happy that FDR decided to break precedent. They swiftly concocted the 22nd Amendment, the amendment that sets a term limit for the presidency, and ratified it. For me, Congress shouldn’t have had to cement this into law, but FDR ruined that for us. It is yet another example of how since men aren’t angels, we have to have government and laws…even for our government.

So, in conclusion, why is the 22nd Amendment and this idea of term limits important?First off, it wards off dictators or any other person who seeks to put a country under authoritarian rule. In many countries that have experienced tyranny, genocide, and other such crimes, it was a common trend that their leaders were in power for long periods of time. Such leaders include Stalin of Russia, Pinochet of Chile, Hitler of Germany, Mao of China, Pol Pot of Cambodia, and many more.

It seems that when people are in any political office for a long time, they become arrogant. They are at the top of their country and think that in being there, they are above the law since their people have popularly put them there or have yet been unable to remove them from office…sometimes falsely thinking that their people revere them or that they must be brainwashed into thinking so. This, of course, is quite inevitably followed laziness and incompetence in following the people’s will and doing what’s best for the country. Often enough, this laziness leads leaders to turn a blind eye to the corruption seeping into their corruption. From there, it just a positive feedback loop–a snowball going downhill–until someone stands up against the arrogance and the tyranny that have befallen their countrymen.

Aside from that, term limits have another important reason…somewhat tied into the previous one: new people equals new ideas and new ways to solve a problem. There are hundreds of millions of people in America. Each person is shaped by different virtues and experiences. This creates different perspectives on how to solve problems, allowing people to think even more outside of the box. Unfortunately, we can see the exact opposite happening in our Congress. Many congressmen on both sides of the aisle have been office for twenty or thirty years (partly a result of people numbly reelecting their problematic representatives and ignoring the problem of their own representatives). Throughout those times, ordinary citizens have complained time and time again that these supposed representatives of the people are not getting anything done and not listening to their constituents. Now, I know not every congressmen is like this (so props to you congressmen who actually listen to us disgruntled constituents), but clearly, there is a problem. This can even happen with our judiciary. For that reason, I am definitely for term limits for ALL politicians to prevent another swamp from coming into existence.

Thankfully, in November, we can see that the people spoke. They were tired of the people they elected to Congress sitting around, doing the same old things, and not getting anything done. I agree with the sentiment. Even though I am young and can only recollect two out of the three presidents who have been in office during my lifetime thus far, I want to see people in office who keep their promises to their people and then step away without having to be asked when the job is done. That’s really all that people want from their elected officials–I know that I’m not the only one who would be happy if this were the one hundred percent truth. So, I want to ask Obama, his liberal goons, and those Republicans who don’t seem to understand what’s so hard about respecting that wish? It shouldn’t be that hard at all.


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