Whatever happened to standing with our allies?

If you’ve watched the news within the last 24-48 hours, you’ve probably heard about the UN Security Council resolution that condemns the state of Israel and its policy of settlements in what’s supposed to be ‘Palestinian land’. The Security Council voted 14-0 in favor of this resolution with the U.S. (a permanent member) abstaining. As I see it, Israel seems to not have any friends on the Security Council…but it should. For many years, it has been U.S. policy to stand with Israel and use its veto power to stop this council and the rest of the UN from ganging up on Israel, who from what I understand in a very simplistic sense just want to have land of their own in their ancestral region and be left in peace. In essence, we Americans have always been Israel’s ally and should have stood up for them, just as a true friend will always have your back. But since abstaining does not prevent a measure from being adopted, we did the opposite: we basically took a step back and threw the Israelis to the dogs and said, “You’re on your own. Good luck.”. Of course, as a result of what’s happened, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has accused the U.S. of having a hand in this resolution behind the scenes though the U.S. has denied it. Because of the frosty relationship between Obama and Netanyahu and the other things Obama has done to stab Israel in the back (think the Iran nuke deal), I suspect the U.S. probably had a hand in what went down on Friday, but whether or not you agree with that and whether or not you agree with me that Israel actually has a right to be a country where it is, it should be realized that it is never a good idea to go against the Israelis. In the past, as the Middle East in general tends to have countries that are not very friendly to our interests (with the exception of maybe Jordan), Israel is arguably our best ally in the region and the freest country there. Israel is not the type of country that will let foreign countries bully it and try to smash it to oblivion and they certainly will not let terrorism from Islamic extremists that’s threatening the peace in other countries threaten them without action. As I see it, if you want to achieve peace in the Middle East in regards to both the issue of the region of Palestine and the situations in neighboring countries, you cannot do it without help from the Israelis. They are in the region and thus, along with their military assets and well-trained and ready military, have a know-how on what’s going on compared to those of us living far away in the relative safety of America. As Netanyahu himself said, “Friends don’t take friends to the security council.” We should not sit here and make them fight these wars alone–be it with the UN Security Council, their anti-Israeli neighbors, terrorism, or otherwise. You can be sure that with all that’s going on, Israel will stand up and fight and will retaliate (as it already has with several of the UN member states). They will not forget what has been done to them.


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