What do I mean by ‘antifeminist’?

If you’ve read the About page of this blog that gives you an intro to who I am and what this blog is about, you may have read that I describe myself as an ‘antifeminist’. For those of you who pause when you read that word and wonder what that means, do not worry. I will explain, and I will dispel this notion right away: No, I do not hate women. How can I? I am a woman myself, and I think those of you reading can agree with me that it would be very strange if that were true. So…what do I actually mean by ‘antifeminist’? I mean that I am against what I perceive the modern American feminist movement is about. Sure, I agree that the right to vote was something women needed and that when women are able to do things as well as men, they should be treated equally. However, in this day and age, I believe the feminist movement is overstepping its bounds and has possibly outlived its usefulness–at least in the U.S. Also, feminism often portrays women as victims when sometimes (though I do concede that this is not always the case) they should not be portrayed as such, and in my opinion, they often seem to turn the hate back on men as a whole, and from experience, there are plenty of men out there who respect women and treat them equally–my best friend is a perfect example. But what it comes down to for me is that in the end, many of the things that modern American feminism stands for are against the beliefs I hold (perhaps subject of a future commentary).


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